Iskander Mirza
Iskander MirzaNovember 13, 1899 - November 13, 1969
Major General Sahibzada Sayyid Iskander Ali Mirza', CIE, OBE English IPA: ɪskɑndæɾ əɪiː mi(ə)ɹzə (Bengali: ইস্কান্দার মীর্জা; Urdu: اسکندر مرزا‎; November 13, 1899 – November 13, 1969), was the first President of Pakistan, serving from 1956 to 1958. Prior to that, Mirza was the last Governor-General of Pakistan from 1955 to 1956. A great grandson of Mir Jafar, Mirza was a career army officer, having reached the higher rank of major-general in Pakistan Army. After a brief stint in the British Indian Army, Mirza joined the Indian Political...

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Pervez Musharraf
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