Ignazio Silone
Ignazio SiloneMay 1, 1900 - August 22, 1978

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Salvatore Quasimodo
Salvatore QuasimodoAugust 20, 1901 - 1968
Giovanni Boccaccio
Giovanni BoccaccioJune 16, 1313 - December 21, 1375
Giovanni Boccaccio (/boʊˈkɑːtʃiˌoʊ, -tʃoʊ, bə-/; Italian: [dʒoˈvanni bokˈkattʃo]; 1313 – 21 December 1375) was an Italian writer, poet, correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist. Boccaccio wrote a number of notable works, including The Decameron and On Famous Women. As a poet who wrote in the Italian vernacular, Boccaccio is particularly noted for his realistic dialogue, which differed from that of his contemporaries, medieval writers who usually followed formulaic models for character and plot....
Natalia Ginzburg
Natalia GinzburgJuly 14, 1916 - October 7, 1991
Natalia Ginzburg née Levi (Italian: [nataˈliːa ˈɡintsburɡ]; 14 July 1916, Palermo – 7 October 1991, Rome) was an Italian author whose work explored family relationships, politics during and after the Fascist years and World War II, and philosophy. She wrote novels, short stories and essays, for which she received the Strega Prize and Bagutta Prize. Most of her works were also translated into English and published in the United Kingdom and United States. An activist, for a time in the 1930s she belonged to the Italian Communist Party. In 1983 she was elected to Parliament from Rome as...