Colin Powell
Colin PowellApril 5, 1937 -

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Daniel Webster
Daniel WebsterJanuary 18, 1782 - October 24, 1852
Dean Acheson
Dean AchesonApril 11, 1893 - October 12, 1971
Dean Gooderham Acheson (pronounced /ˈætʃɨsən/; April 11, 1893 – October 12, 1971) was an American statesman and lawyer. As United States Secretary of State in the administration of President Harry S. Truman from 1949 to 1953, he played a central role in defining American foreign policy during the Cold War. Acheson helped design the Marshall Plan and played a central role in the development of the Truman Doctrine and creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Acheson's most famous decision was convincing President Truman to intervene in the Korean War in June 1950. He also...
Henry L. Stimson
Henry L. StimsonSeptember 21, 1867 - October 20, 1950