Cameron Sinclair
Cameron Sinclair 1973 -

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William Kent
William Kent 1685 - 1748
William Kent (c. 1685 – 12 April 1748) was an eminent English architect, landscape architect and furniture designer of the early 18th century. Kent introduced the Palladian style of architecture into England with the villa at Chiswick House, and for originating the 'natural' style of gardening known as the English landscape garden at Chiswick, Stowe House in Buckinghamshire, and Rousham House in Oxfordshire. As a landscape gardener he revolutionised the layout of estates, but had limited knowledge of horticulture. He complemented his houses and gardens with stately furniture for major...
Giles Gilbert Scott
Giles Gilbert ScottNovember 9, 1880 - February 8, 1960
Christopher Wren
Christopher WrenOctober 20, 1632 - February 25, 1723