Bertrand Russell
Bertrand RussellMay 18, 1872 - February 2, 1970

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Paul Brunton
Paul BruntonOctober 21, 1898 - July 27, 1981
Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October 1898 – 27 July 1981), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India (1934). Brunton was a proponent of a doctrine of of "Mentalism", or Oriental Mentalism to distinguish it from subjective idealism of the western tradition. Brunton expounds his doctrine of Mentalism in The Hidden Teachings Beyond Yoga (1941) and in The Wisdom of the Overself (1943). ...