Alexis de Tocqueville
Alexis de TocquevilleJuly 29, 1805 - April 16, 1859

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Michel Foucault
Michel FoucaultOctober 15, 1926 - June 26, 1984
Michel Foucault (French: [miʃɛl fuko]; born Paul-Michel Foucault) (15 October 1926 – 25 June 1984) was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, social theorist, philologist and literary critic. His theories addressed the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions. Though often cited as a post-structuralist and postmodernist, Foucault rejected these labels, preferring to present his thought as a critical history of modernity. His thought has been highly influential for both academic and activist groups. Born in...
Edgar Quinet
Edgar QuinetFebruary 17, 1803 - March 27, 1875