Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis StevensonNovember 13, 1850 - December 3, 1894

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Henry Drummond
Henry DrummondAugust 17, 1851 - March 11, 1897
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Steven MoffatNovember 18, 1961 -
Steven Moffat (/ˌstiːvən ˈmɒfət/, born 18 November 1961) is a Scottish television writer and producer, known for his work as showrunner, writer and producer of the British television series Doctor Who and Sherlock. Moffat's first television work was the teen drama series Press Gang. His first sitcom, Joking Apart, was inspired by the breakdown of his first marriage; conversely, his later sitcom Coupling was based upon the development of his relationship with television producer Sue Vertue. In between the two relationship-centred shows, he wrote Chalk, a sitcom set in a comprehensive...